My girlfriend is an emo and we really love each other. We are both teens but she is emo, so if she asks me to become an emo with her, what should i say? 

playing around with inchworm animation #draw



This is a little comic about something that happened years and years ago

Ask me a question and I’ll reply with my voice.


I’ll answer these in one batch post by the end of the day, to keep this concise and organized.


【Death has come】

Imagine how the last battle of Wily’s numbers and Light’s numbers, before the new generation of robots where X and Zero came.

-drawn by me.


tony thinkin about his one true love… mr saturn :)


Oh man. Today. TODAY. Something incredible happened. I can’t believe I almost forgot.

I sit down for my Japanese test. I am waiting for the test to be passed out when I glance up and look around the room. Then I see it.

I watch as one of the students ties a Naruto headband onto his head, adjusts it, and prepares for the test.

And that’s how I knew I was going to get an A. Because that was so magical, it had to be a sign. The world is a beautiful and terrifying place.


Can’t wait to kick butt as Ness on that new Magicant stage.

Your fave is problematic: Ness


  • eats burgers out of trashcans


Ok, so, I am giant nerd and when I got home tonight I thought it would be great to spend my evening mapping out CN original shows and their life spans from the past 20 years. 


Honestly I was curious if there was any pattern in style and content but all I found out was Ed, Edd, and Eddy was a BAMF of a show that lived forever.